A photography community initiative in response to the Australian Bushfire Catastrophe

FAQ for Project Recapture volunteers

Q. Do I need to be an AIPP member to participate in Project Recapture?

A. No, all applications will be assessed. All photographers must hold public liability insurance and offer a professional level of service as we want families to receive a professional product. If you are not an accredited AIPP member, you will be required to submit samples of your photography. In addition, we will look at your website, social media channels and if necessary will request additional examples of your work.

Q. What level of experience do I need to be part of the editing team?

A. We will assess all applications and if necessary will request examples of your retouching work to ensure you have the photoshop skills required to retouch fire damaged photos. For all wanting to be part of the editing team there will be training offered and a Facebook group will be set up to communicate with everyone. If you are not yet ready to retouch we will work with you to help you with those skills.

Q. Can I help from overseas?

A. Yes as a retoucher. We take applications from anywhere in the world for the retouching team. Submit here

Q. I have an idea for the project, who do I contact?

A. Please email Karen Alsop – team@projectrecapture.com.au with your suggestion.

Q. Why are AIPP Photographers automatically approved?

A. To become an accredited AIPP photographer, you must go through a series of checks, including portfolio submissions. You must also hold insurance and legally be registered as a business. All other applicants will be considered under similar guidelines to ensure that families are getting help from suitably qualified photographers. We welcome all photographers to submit an application and appreciate all offers of voluntary assistance.

Q. I want to submit a request for help on behalf of a family member or friend, can I?

A. Yes as long as you have their permission. Please fill out the submission form on the Request our Help page.

Q. I would like to submit artwork to sell in the gallery to raise money for the Project Recapture fund. Can I?

A. To be considered by the art curator, please email Robyn Campbell: robyn@headshot.com.au and include information about your art, current sales, exhibits or awards if applicable. Artists will be curated to ensure a diversity of styles and genres are represented.

Q. Where do the funds go that are raised from the Art sales?

A. Project Recapture will be raising money directly for the organisation Blaze Aid

Q. Can photographers sell extra product to families that they photograph?

A. No, photographers will provide the set package only at no cost to the family as detailed in the photographer’s contract. Extra product may be purchased by the family direct from our generous sponsor that is supplying the prints at a special price for victims of the Bushfire Crisis.

Q. Will I be reimbursed for costs incurred as a volunteer?

A. We are unable to re-imburse any costs incurred. Your involvement and contribution is valued. You may wish to speak to your accountant about claiming any costs against your business.

FAQ for fire-impacted families

Q. I have fire damaged hard drives with photos on them. Can you help?

A. We recommend working with data recovery specialists to recover files from fire-damaged hard drives. Follow their advice closely, and contact them before you attempt to power on, plug in or read a fire-damaged hard drive.

Q. Where can I get my fire/water damaged prints scanned and what should I ask for?

A. We recommend you scan your prints at the highest possible resolution and quality. Officeworks, Teds and Photographic Stores all offer scanning services. Once you have the files you can send them to us. We are currently in talks with retailers to ask for their assistance in this area.

Q. Can you repair extremely damaged prints?

A. We will assess the damage and options upon recieving your scans. Our retouchers will do their bests to repair but there will be some prints that are too damaged for restoration. We will communicate with you to discuss further if this is the case

Q. What do I recieve from the complimentary photo session?

A. Families will recieve a curated collection of 10 High Res images that will also be provided as prints and posted to you. 

Q. How many fire/water damaged photos can I have restored?

A. Your application will be 5 complimentary photos for the team to restore. If you have a larger number please contact us direct to discuss further – team@projectrecapture.com.au

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